Self Protection as well as Investment according to Sharia Principles

23 Mar 2023

Various ways can be done to prepare future comfort for yourself and your family. The first thing that needs to be done is to prepare for future financial needs.

The financial needs that are generally needed are life protection and are also supported by appropriate investments. PFI Mega Life, which is a joint venture between CT Corpora and Prudential Financial Inc., has just launched its newest product at the end of mid-March 2023, namely Mega Syariah Proteksi Link.

Mega Syariah Protection Link is designed in such a way as to provide life insurance protection for its customers and investment opportunities in accordance with Sharia Principles.

Some of the benefits obtained through this product include:

1. Optimal Investment

This product has a fairly high investment allocation since the first year of the policy of 60%, 85% in the second year and 100% of contributions paid in the third year and so on.

2. 100% Insurance Compensation

If the participant dies when the policy is active, the benefits in the form of 100% insurance compensation and the entire policy value (if any) will be paid.

3. End of Insurance Period Benefit

If there are no claims until the insurance expiration date, and the policy is active, then the entire policy value (if any) will be paid.

4. Loyalty Bonuses

The policyholder is also entitled to benefits in the form of a loyalty bonus if the policyholder has fulfilled the conditions stated in the Policy Terms.


Mega Syariah Proteksi Link is open to prospective participants between the ages of 1 - 65 years, with annual payments in rupiah.

In accordance with PFI Mega Life's commitment to provide the maximum possible protection tailored to the needs of its customers, if the products offered are deemed not to meet other needs such as critical illness, accidents or disabilities, of course this Mega Syariah Proteksi Link product can be added with various Additional Insurance (rider).

For further information regarding the Mega Syariah Proteksi Link, you can refer to the Product and Service Information Summary (RIPLAY) which can be accessed via or you can also contact our customer care to help schedule an appointment with our insurance specialist.


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PFI Mega Life Public Relations Team


About PFI Mega Life

Established in 2011, PT PFI Mega Life Insurance is a joint venture with a new structure that combines the global expertise of Prudential Financial Inc., with the strength of CT Corpora's local market network. PFI Mega Life provides a complete range of life insurance products to serve a wide range of customers, from large corporations to individuals. Its product offerings include insurance products linked to investment and credit shield insurance. PFI Mega Life's products and services are distributed through various channels, including bancassurance, telemarketing and retail.

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