Corporate Social Responsibility - PFI Mega Life Insurance Company

As a form of our social care for society, every year we have CSR programs in various fields. Not just carrying out social responsibility, the CSR Program is certainly intended to bring many benefits to society. The education sector is one of our main focuses. Every year there are always activities aimed at developing education. In addition we also give more attention to the health sector and others. We believe that education is the best investment that can be done for this country. Therefore we are committed to taking part in developing the best education for the Indonesian children. Our CSR programs related to education almost always in collaborate with CT Arsa Foundation. We also believe that everyone has the right to the best health services. We try to reach areas that have not been touched by adequate services and reach out to them. The CSR Program of PFI Mega Life certainly also pay attention to many disasters that occur in this country. We try to attend and provide assistance needed for fellow citizens who are affected by the disaster. All efforts are worth doing for a better Indonesia.