PFI Mega Life Shares Kindness with the Sasana Tresna Werdha Foundation

12 May 2021


Indonesia have been trying to live side by side with the Covid-19 virus for a long time. So many industries have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Not only the industrial sector, non-profit or non-profit organizations such as nursing homes, orphanages, youth social homes, and people with disabilities are also feeling the impact of the pandemic.

Realizing this, PT PFI Mega Life Insurance moved to provide assistance to the Sasana Tresna Werdha Foundation (Nursing Home) Ciracas, East Jakarta. Precisely on May 11, 2021 and still in the atmosphere of the month of Ramadan, Mega Life provided assistance in the form of food, daily equipment, and cleaning supplies.

Although the government still provides financial assistance to orphanage foundations in the midst of the pandemic, the portion is not as usual because the funds are focused on overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic. So this is a form of PFI Mega Life's concern and goodwill towards others as well as being our routine Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity and hopefully it can mobilize the community and other agencies to help. (12/5/2021)




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