Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of having life insurance?

Life insurance needs is for providing protection against financial losses caused by the risk of death either due to accidents or illness that can occur at any time in human life, or for financial planning and investments. Insurance helps you to protect and plan for investments, based on your needs.

What to do if the policy is lost?

If your policy is lost, immediately report to the head office or customer service office of PT PFI Mega Life Insurance closest to you. Furthermore, our Customer Service will assist you to manage the issuance of duplicate policies at a cost according to Company policy. For additional queries, please contact our customer service office.

How do I inform if there are changes that are not in accordance with the policy or personal contact data?

You can go to PT PFI Mega Life Insurance customer service office with a photocopy and original of the policy and filling out the application letter for policy change and attaching valid ID and / or other supporting documents. For additional queries, please contact our customer service office.

What should I do to keep my policy active?

In order for your Policy to remain active, please make premium payment on time in accordance with the manner and schedule mentioned in the policy document. Late Premium payments may result in your Policy status to be INACTIVE.

What do I do if my policy status is inactive?

Activating Policy or commonly called Policy Reinstatement can be done by:

  1. Complete the Policy Reinstatement Form.
  2. Pay the outstanding premiums.
  3. Attach a valid copy of the Policyholder's identity.
Who can I contact in connection with the policy I have in PT PFI Mega Life Insurance?

Please contact Insurance Specialist at bank partner or Customer Service of PFI Mega Life at: (021) 29545555