06 Jul 2020


Bank Mega and PFI Mega Life (a joint venture between Prudential Financial Inc. and CT Corporation) jointly announced the launch of a new product called Mega Investa Link on Monday (6/7). The launch of this product strengthens PFI Mega Life's commitment to serve the needs of Indonesian customers in all segments, namely providing affordable protection and investment based on needs.
The Mega Investment Link product launch is based on research from PFI Mega Life, in which the company sees that now is the right time to invest, reviewing market conditions that have future opportunities to improve and provide attractive returns for investment from consumers.
PFI Mega Life itself has collaborated with Bank Mega since it was first established. This aims to provide the best protection with an insurance program provided by PFI Mega Life. Bank Mega itself spearheaded the distribution of sales of most of the Mega Life PFI products.
"The collaboration between PFI Mega Life and Bank Mega is the best collaboration ever. To carry out our mission, 'We Protect Dreams', which means protecting the dreams of the Indonesian people with financial health, this product is a form of perfect collaboration between PFI Mega Life and Bank Mega. With the presence of Mega Investa Link, we hope that every community in Indonesia can realize their dreams through investments with new experiences, namely premium payments using US Dollar ($), "said Samdarshi Sumit, Director of PFI Mega Life.
Mega Investa Link is a Life Insurance product that is associated with Investment. This product can provide life protection while fulfilling the needs of an investment plan from a customer by making a one-time premium payment only.
This product was launched to provide investment options in USD denominations, and is accompanied by an optimal insurance coverage component, which provides protection of up to 150% of the single premium placed, with insurance period until the Insured reaches the age of 100 years or until the policy ends.
This product is also supported by the best investment policy strategy, which involves the PFI group as one of the world's leading asset managers, as well as access to investment instruments with optimal performance, especially in US dollars.

Benefits of Mega Investa Link
• Final Policy Benefits
If the Insured reaches the age of 100, then the Final Benefit of the Policy will be paid at the Investment Fund Value.
• Benefits of Aging
If the Insured dies during the Insurance Period and is still valid (inforce), then the Benefit of Age Benefits will be paid, a maximum of 100% of the Basic Insurance Coverage plus the full value of the Investment Fund.

How does it work?
Prospective customers who wish to apply to buy Mega Investa Link products, can make a single premium payment of at least US $ 20,000. If you want to get 150% benefit from a single premium, then potential customers can pay a single premium with a minimum of US $ 30,000.
The entry age of the Policyholder starts from 18 years to 85 years, with the entry age of the Insured starting from 6 months to 70 years.
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About PFI Mega Life
Founded in 2011, PT PFI Mega Life Insurance is a joint venture with a new structure that combines Prudential Financial Inc.'s global expertise, with the strength of CT Corpora's local market network. PFI Mega Life provides a complete range of life insurance products to serve customers with a wide range, from large corporations to individuals. Its product offerings include insurance products that are linked to investment and credit shield insurance. PFI Mega Life's products and services are distributed through various channels, including bancassurance, telemarketing and retail.

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About Mega Bank
PT Bank Mega Tbk has been active in Indonesia for more than 50 years, precisely established since April 15, 1969. Since it was taken over by CT Corp in 1996, Bank Mega grew to become one of the major banks in the BUKU 3 Bank category in the country. Bank Mega is now part of the CT Corp ecosystem and offers a complete range of products and services in the financial services sector through 379 office networks spread throughout Indonesia. Bank Mega also has a variety of digital services that can be relied upon to improve customer service, so that it becomes more convenient, safe and fast.

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