PT PFI Mega Life and Qoala Collaborate to Infuse Life Insurance with Innovative Touches

18 Sep 2023

Jakarta, September 18, 2023 - PT PFI Mega Life Insurance, a joint venture between Prudential Financial Inc and CT Corporation, has announced a collaboration with Qoala Plus, a pioneering insurtech company under PT Archor Digital Technology. This collaboration aims to bring innovation into addressing the expanding Life Insurance market in Indonesia.

Qoala Plus will bring a fresh perspective as a marketing partner for PT PFI Mega Life Insurance's product, Asuransi Mega Warisan. This product not only provides life protection benefits as typical life insurance products do but also offers a premium return benefit of 110% of the total premium paid by customers. As a result, this life insurance product has become a favorite choice among the Indonesian population.

Octavianus Ariwan, Director of Distribution at PT PFI Mega Life Insurance, warmly welcomes this collaboration. "We are very enthusiastic about partnering with Qoala Plus and entering a new era in the world of life insurance. We believe that the technology brought by Qoala Plus will enrich our customers' experience and provide better solutions, aligning with the evolving digital trends," Octavianus stated.

In the context of insurance product distribution, Qoala Plus has proven its ability to bring an innovative approach to make insurance products more accessible and understandable. Through this collaboration, Qoala Plus will undoubtedly expand the reach and understanding of PT PFI Mega Life Insurance's life insurance products among the public.

For more information about Asuransi Mega Warisan, please visit the official website of PT PFI Mega Life Insurance at and our partner, Qoala Plus, at

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