PFI Mega Life Officially Collaborates with Lifepal

08 Jun 2020


Aiming to get closer to the community, PFI Mega Life has now officially collaborated with Lifepal which is the most complete and trusted insurance marketplace.

This collaboration includes services that provide systems and information technology. Lifepal will also contribute to offering and distributing PFI Mega Life insurance products through a digital strategy prepared by Lifepal.

Lifepal will also be responsible for handling and validating all Transactions that come through the Lifepal platform. Later, every transaction made by the customer, whether the policyholder, the insured, or the beneficiary, will be forwarded to PFI Mega Life.

As a marketplace, Lifepal has a mission to provide access to information and ease of obtaining financial protection for everyone. This is in line with PFI Mega Life's own mission which wants to protect every dream of the Indonesian people.

PFI Mega Life was very enthusiastic about welcoming Lifepal as a business partner. It is hoped that this step will be a good thing so that the public can find out information about Mega Life PFI products through Lifepal.

If you have some questions about PFI Mega Life insurance products or services from Lifepal, please contact us directly at:

PFI Mega Life

  • Telephone: 021-29545555
  • Email:


  • Telephone: 021-31116121
  • Email:
  • WhatsApp: 0823-3003-0027
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