PFI Mega Life Launches Insurance For Education!

28 Jul 2022

PT PFI Mega Life Insurance, which is a joint venture between Prudential Financial Inc. and CT Corporation, is now re-launching a new product called Mega Asuransi Maksima Edukasi or also known as Proteksi Studi. This product is expected to meet the future planning needs of the Indonesian people, especially preparing for the future for you and your children to pursue their dreams through education. In preparing for the future through education, the first thing that must be prepared is education funds. Currently, the cost of education continues to experience inflation ranging from 10%-15% each year, especially the cost of education with a domestic undergraduate level, currently in the range of 400 million rupiah. Then, how to deal with this? Study Protection has the solution!

What is Study Protection? Dwiguna Life Insurance Protection Program from the protection product Mega Asuransi Maksima Edukasi, offered by PFI Mega Life Insurance. This product has several benefits being able to provide Education Scholarship benefits of up to 150% of the total policy value, also being able to provide life protection benefits of up to 300% of the total premium value, even the payment of the protection premium is limited and relatively short where the customer only needs to pay a premium for 3 years.

Proteksi Studi is not only suitable for families who are preparing for further education for their children, but also for those of you who want to return to achieving their dreams through the world of education. The entry age for the newest PFI Mega Life product is from 18 to 55 years old.

For more information about Study Protection, you can click the link below

So what are you waiting for? Let's make dreams come true with affordable premiums together with Proteksi Studi!

Save Now, Study Later!


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